January 10 – 15, 2021

The Eyes Have It!

ToGoSpa collagen gel eye masks are infused with a combination of natural high-density marine collagen, enzymes, amino acids, natural marine minerals, trace elements, proteins and vitamins. With just one 15-20 minute application below the eye, you will see improved elasticity, texture and overall appearance of the skin. ($14.99)

Great Dinners — And A Few Desserts

Similar to her first book, The Defined Dish, many of the meals in Alex Snodgrass’ new cookbook, The Comfortable Kitchen, are fully Paleo compliant—or at the very least Paleo-ish—with plenty of recipes that swap a simple ingredient for a nutritious meal that everyone will love. ($29.99)


Craze-y for Cocoa Bombes!

These hollow Belgian chocolate bombes from CocoBa melt when hot milk is poured over them, and release mini, heart marshmallows hidden within. (3-pack, $24.99 & single, $9.99)
Gift them for Valentine’s Day or enjoy them now!