October 21-26, 2019

Our Favorite Things!

Cheryl loves her Notes to Self socks with words of affirmation and encouragement ($12.99). Woven into the sock, the words won’t crack, chip, or peel either. A breast cancer survivor, she continues to stay positive by wearing the “I am Strong” bright pink socks on her walks every day.

New from Peepers!

The stylish glasses in Peepers’ Focus Eyewear collection are designed to reduce 40% or more of harmful blue light from digital devices. They come in both no-correction and readers ($21.99) helping to protect against digital eyestrain responsible for headaches and blurred vision, and promote healthy and normal sleep patterns.

Partners Card Week Starts Friday!

Shop Oct. 25th thru Nov. 3rd at participating retailers (The Store) and receive 20% off your purchases with a Partners Card. Purchase your card for $70 from a participating retailer (The Store).