November 15 – 20, 2021

Tasty Bites & Sweet Sips

Enjoy Toffee To Go’s crunchy, buttery toffee with a decadent combo of nuts and chocolate. Made from a family recipe, any of the two flavor combos will make a great gift this Holiday season.

Meet Pink House Alchemy’s simple syrups. Use these thick, sweet syrups as a flavoring additive in cocktails, coffee, sauces, and food. Each bottle has a recipe or two on the label. Drink up!


Your New Statement Bag!

Haute Shore’s neoprene bags are thoughtfully designed for the busy woman who values fashion that’s functional yet budget friendly. The Store carries their generous totes, lightweight crossbody bags and chic, durable travel pouches.


Fall Decor & Candle Sale

Just in time for Thanksgiving, get 20% Off all Fall items at The Store. From tea towels to hand soaps to pumpkin scented candles and much more, we’ll help get your home ready for guests this holiday.